Elite Nutrition Programs

At Elite we know that learning how to eat healthy is the secret to achieving & maintaining true health & fitness, and we’ve literally helped our clients drop thousands-&-thousands of lbs of unwanted body-fat, while toning, sculpting & strengthening their bodies & minds!

Starting with your one-hour comprehensive nutrition assessment, your Certified Nutritionist works with you to design your Customized Nutritional Program that’s unique for your individual needs, goals & lifestyle. And with 7-Days-A-Week Daily Support & Advanced Food Journaling eating well & reaching your goals is easier than you think!


Your Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment

A One-Hour Comprehensive Nutritionist Assessment, where your Certified Nutritionist works with you to design a Customized Nutritional Program that is both unique for their individual needs and lifestyle, but ensures you’re on track for reaching your goals!


Advanced Food Journaling

It’s one thing to know what you’re supposed to eat, but it’s another to make sure that you do it! And that’s where Elite’s advanced food journaling of tracking your meals, fluid-intake, mental progress, emotional stumbling blocks and much more, gives you the best chance to not just reach your weight-loss goals, but learn to maintain them forever!


7-Days-A-Week Daily Support

Accountability is one of the key factors in weight-management and behaviour-modification. When you have to report to someone else, when you feel a level of personal responsibility, it tends to change how you think and act. And that’s one of the key advantages at Elite, whether it be your strength-workouts, free cardio-sessions or handing in your food-journal every week, we are with you 100% of the way…all the way!



Elite Personal Training Food Journal