3 Moves For Explosive Skating and Better Endurance

For hockey players and skaters in general there is nothing more important than skating speed, acceleration and endurance. Today we will take a look at three exercises designed to improve your performance in all three areas. Add these moves to your workout routine twice per week to improve your acceleration off the line, allow you stay on the ice longer and improve your over all speed.

Explosive Step-Ups


Explosive Step-ups

Explosive Step-ups are great for training fast twitch muscle fibers. Do these at the beginning of your work-out and do 4-5 reps max. Training more than 5 reps moves this into endurance training, so stop at 5 and concentrate on being explosive! Rest up to 90 seconds between sets

Coaching Cues

  • Begin with one foot on the box.

  • Explode off the box, switching legs in mid-air.

  • Throw arms upward in double uppercut.

  • Land on both feet simultaneously.

  • get set for next rep.


Reverse Lunges

Reverse Lunges

Reverse Lunges are a great for building overall leg strength and size. Do these in the middle of your workout and super set with an upper body exercise. Here we will use a rep range of 10-12 to build endurance in the Quadriceps, Gluteal and Hamstring muscles.

Coaching Cues

  • Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing straight ahead with dumbbells in each hand in parallel grip.

  • Step Backwards into a full lunge with weight centered in the heel of the front foot. Lower the hips until the hips are even with the front knee, maintain a vertical shin and upright spinal position.

  • Reverse the motion by pushing off the back foot and returning to the standing position.

  • Begin the next rep on the opposite leg.


Hamstring Curls w/ Swiss Ball


Hamstring Curls w/ swiss Ball

Hamstring Curls are a great finisher for the posterior chain. Do this move at the end of your workout to burn out your Hamstring and Gluteal muscles, building strength, speed and endurance in the process.

Coaching Cues

  • Begin by lying on the floor face up with feet centered on the exercise ball.

  • Bridge hips up, pull heels to butt.

  • Keep lifting hips high throughout rep.

  • Arms out wide for balance(bring them in closer to further challenge your core).

  • Big hip extension.

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About the Author

Aaron Williamson

is a certified member of the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals and C.E.O in the software development sector. With a passion for personal fitness and helping others achieve their best health and performance Aaron coaches nutrition and exercise programs at Elite Personal Training in London, On.