The 12 tips of fit-mas to protect your waistline this holiday season.

Happy Holidays From Elite Personal Training!!!

The season is upon us and soon we’ll be sharing food and drink with friends and family. Opening presents filled with warm socks, cool tech toys and plenty of good cheer. We’ll be feasting daily and toasting our good health, but if you want to have fun and keep your waist line in check over this most delicious of seasons you’ll want to follow our 12 tips of Fit-mas!

Read on to become impervious to holiday weight gain!

The 12 Tips of Fit-mas

12. Take the kids out for a sleigh or toboggan ride(snow permitting). Bonus points if you run them up the hill so they can slide down! Burn 150-300 calories in a 30-45 min session.


11. Don’t show up hungry. If you go into an event feeling hungry anticipating a big meal, you will fall victim to grazing on sugar cookies, chips and everything full of butter. Instead be like our antlered friend above and graze on a salad before the event and you’ll be better suited to fend off snack attacks.


10. Save your sweet tooth for something special. If you start with the sweets early in the day, you’ll keep going back and it gets difficult to stop. Looking forward to and enjoying your favorite treat is a great way to enjoy some sweets this holiday. Do it after dinner and you can limit the damage since you’ll be full of fiber from dinner which will help moderate your blood sugar.


9. Do 10 Body weight squats whenever a family member mentions Trump or politics. Seriously it won’t seem that weird especially as down your eggnog and shout “ La la la la - no spoilers! I haven’t seen the season finale yet!”


8. Stick to the meat and vegetables at dinner. Protein and vegetables are both low calorie even with a little butter on them than many of the carb and fat loaded side dishes we see this time of year. Exceptions to the rule are creamed up potatoes and sugar infused carrots/vegetables.


7. Get the kids out for a walk to see all the Christmas lights. A quick 20 minute walk can burn up to 200 calories.


6. Limit the stuffing - It might be my favorite of all festive side dishes but fast digesting carbs mixed with a lot of fat, most stuffings are loaded with calories. Best to grab a small portion or skip it all together.


5. “A Fiiiiiive exercise circuit”. Get your work out in anyway, you may be travelling so here’s a mini body weight circuit you can do anywhere. Do the below circuit 3 times.

  • Body Weight Lunge(X10)

  • Plank(1:00)

  • Body Weight Squat (X 15)

  • T-Push ups (X 12)

  • Side bridge (X 1:00 each side)


4. Do eat the gravy - it’s rich in taste and feels decadent but is generally quite low in calories.


3. Ask your host to set aside some mashed potatoes before adding the milk, butter or sour cream. The spuds themselves come in at about 80 calories per cup which is a perfectly fine side. Then you can choose how much butter etc to put on yourself.


2. Get down on all 4’s with the kids and be the fun aunt/uncle at the get together. Give the kids what they asked for and play hide and seek or pretend to be a troll(very popular at our house). You can burn an extra 100-200 calories playing for a half hour with the next generation.


1. Limit your your alcohol intake. Not only will it have you exposing your obsession with you-tube make-up tutorials or telling people how Elon Musk stole your idea for an electric car. Alcohol comes a quite a cost metabolically. Not only is it high in calories to consume (a single lite beer is 120 calories, a glass of red wine 74), but the real damage is in the after effect. Alcohol intake can slow your metabolism to a crawl for up to 48 hours. If you do imbibe, avoid the greasy breakfast the next day, instead pull your self together and go for a run. You’ll feel better just 5 minutes in and it will help burn off the calories and boost your metabolism and mood back up to normal levels…


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