Jennifer Hollins
WSIB Claims Specialist

Since changing my eating habits and adding exercise to my daily life my Elite Nutritionist has helped me lose 35lbs. My energy levels have gone way up and I am on my way to a happy and healthy life. It has been a huge lifestyle change, but I am enjoying my new body, new attitude and my new found self confidence.

I could not have accomplished this success without Elite Personal Training Studio!


Dr. Peter Kyle

I lost 30lbs “my spare tire”, and went from a pant size of a tight 38” to a comfortable 34” with Mirela last fall while also upping my workouts. I followed Mirela’s eating plan and did the food journals for 8 weeks.

I am proof you can be successful with Mirela if you follow her recommendations. I’ve managed to keep the weight off for 5 months now – thanks again Mirela for all your encouragement!


Melissa & Stuart C

My husband and I joined Elite in January 2016 to take advantage of the Christmas special. At first we thought it would just be a handful of sessions to help us rebuild healthy habits; however after just a few sessions we were hooked! It has been over a year now and we can’t imagine not going to Elite!

We have trained with most of the trainers on staff and they are all great. They push us to work hard and don’t let us give up on ourselves! The environment is super supportive which helps us to have fun even when we are working hard! We are more fit and have a lot more energy because of Elite!