Weight Management Workshop

Weight Management Workshop


Enrollment in our Weight Management workshop. Designed to help you learn everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off.

4 fun interactive in person classes

2 hours each Saturday at 9:00am

Meet people who share your goals and learn healthy habits!

Course Contents outlined Below

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Class 1 - Understanding Your Personal Metabolism and Building a Plan Around it.

Lecture Content:

This class is aimed at teaching you everything you need to know about how your personal metabolism works and how to build a diet and fitness plan around it.


  • Understanding how your Metabolism works.

  • Energy balance principles.

  • Understanding Calories as it relates to human energy intake and output.

  • Setting realistic weight-loss goals and how to achieve them.

  • How to set a nutrition goal for weight-loss, maintenance or in some situations weight gain.

  • Meal planning and shopping.

  • Tracking to your plan and recording your progress.

Interactive components:

  • Find your own personal metabolic rate.

  • Account for your daily activities.

  • Determine an appropriate weight goal.

  • Determine an appropriate daily nutrition goal to meet your weight goal.

  • Build a meal plan to suit your nutrition goal.

  • Take your key measurements to begin tracking your progress.

  • Your plan reviewed by a certified health and fitness professional

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Class 2 - Learning the Lifestyle of Successful Weight Management.

Lecture Content: This class delivers strategies and technology that make weight-loss easier and teaches you how to maintain your weight-loss.


  • The life changing magic of food journaling, why it’s so effective and how to do it quickly and easily.

  • 3 actions that ensure you maintain your weight-loss. You don’t want gain it all back after all that hard work.

  • Foods review, the good, the bad, and everything in-between.

  • Cheat meals/days; What does it really mean, what is the strategy behind them?

  • Meal prepping and best tools for preparing and bringing food to work.

  • Technology can help, apps, online support resources, wearable/connected devices and how to use them.

Interactive components

  • Get set up in an online app for keeping a food journal against the nutrition plan created in class 1

  • Create and understand your weight loss maintenance plan

  • Track progress to date.

  • Question period.

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Class 3 - Mental Strategy in Weight-loss and Life

Achieving meaningful change(including weight-loss) in your life is possible. This class aims to teach you strategies that will help you achieve your goals and carry them with you for the future. Most people under-estimate the mental challenge losing weight proposes, but if you prepare yourself properly you will be ready for the challenge.

Lecture Content:

  • Inspiration, motivation, discipline and habituation learn how these four words shape our lives and how to use them to achieve your goals.

  • Will power, how it affects every decision we make, how to strengthen it and how to know when it’s best to simply avoid temptation.

  • How to handle social situations while losing weight, including dealing with well meaning or sometimes unsupportive people in your life.

  • How to combat the negative side effects of weight-loss including(depression, trouble sleeping, hunger, lethargy)

  • Mental health, when to consider counseling or therapy for underlying issues.

Interactive components

  • This class is mostly lecture content but we will have a discussion about past weight-loss experiences in the room, symptoms encountered and ways that we can deal with these issues in the future.


Class 4 - Everything about Exercise

Lecture Content:

This class aims to teach you all about exercise. Including how to begin your own exercise program.


  • The power of having sport in your life!

  • How to begin an exercise program safely.

  • The benefits of cardiovascular training vs weight training and combining the two.

  • What types of exercise should you do, when and how often for your goals

  • How to monitor key health markers like Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate and training heart rate.

  • How to create your own fitness plan to match your nutrition plan.

Interactive components

  • Build a fitness program you can follow that is safe, meets your goals and will allow you progression over the coming months

  • Review of your program by a certified fitness professional.